Diploma in Media Technology


Fully accredited program by Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA).

The Media Technology Programme provides opportunities for creative individuals to explore and realize innovative ideas in audio technology, graphics, animation, digital film, interactive and networked media; in an inspiring, supportive teaching and research environment.

This multidisciplinary program offers a new and exciting curriculum that is developed in association with the media industry, focused on specialization within a multidisciplinary field of study. The aim of the program is to produce workers that are acknowledged in the wider public arena for their professionalism and creativity , and to facilitate excellence in research, which adds to the body of knowledge of the medium through artistic, technical, critical and intellectual investigation.

Students in this program will not only think of being employed once they graduate but also will be encouraged to develop critical entrepreneurial attributes. This is in line with developing media specialists and content developers of tommorow, who can think out of the box, develop vision and commitment, take calculated risks and initiatives and carry organizations they represent to greater heights.

The programme aspires to aid the growth of the local Malaysian and regional creative media industry, feeding it with a steady supply of professional workforce that would be globally competitive and highly respected, to serve the relevant industries in need of content development and finishing expertise.

The duration of the Diploma is 2 years. Upon completion of the diploma the student will be able to pursue a 1 year final year degree with either University of the West of Scotland, Middlesex University or SAE Degree Centers in UK and Australia.

This diploma is a multidisciplinary program that encompasses the areas of:

  • Audio Technology
  • Creative Media
  • Digital Film Making (Cinematography)

Benefits of the Media Technology Program
Graduates of the program have been able to easily gain employment internationally due to the immense knowledge and skills gained from the program.